Writing Update 2019 week 11 & 12

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Another 2 weeks gone, and I’ve been hard at work setting up my: website book pages newsletter automation and special offers for backmatter signups. I was also lucky enough to get that awesome blurb from Lisa and Pat Mills. So what else has been going on? I’m in the run up to tomorrow’s US 99c Bookbub on The Saint’s Rise. Today it’s a BargainBooksy promotion. For the past few days I’ve been ramping up my Facebook ads- $70 today. I also set up AMS and Bookbub ads, but they don’t spend… I hope today it sells 100 copies. Well below …

Facebook ad success?!?

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Two weeks back I wrote about how I was getting back into Facebook ads. Well, I have done that with a vengeance, and while spending $500 from Feb 1-15 I have experienced some of my best results yet. So am I making money? Technically, no. But maybe yes? Let’s break it down. After reading Michael Cooper’s book ‘My Facebook Ads Suck’ I got wise to the importance of knowing your readthrough payments. If you know what any single first-in-series book is worth to you overall, as in how much money you’ll make from a certain proprtion of people who read …

The Rot’s War in audio Dec 18!!

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Book 2 of the Ignifer Cycle – The Rot’s War – is coming in a month (December 18) as an audiobook! Podium are releasing it to follow up their August launch of book 1, The Saint’s Rise. The promotional effort for this looks to be epic. I am going to push it to my list and hopefully via Bookbub. They are going to push it to their phenomenal list for the first time. I’m thinking it’s going to be huge. Here’s the cover for audio. More on this as we get closer!  

The Rot’s War – Ignifer Cycle 2

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The Rot’s War is Book 2 in the Ignifer Cycle. No world can stand… Moments after Sen stepped through the revenant arch, an inky darkness flooded out across his world. Over the wreckage of a city broken by revolution it surged, engulfing the grand Grammaton tower, smothering the King’s Aigle palace and drowning every last caste in the dark. Sen alone escaped; a young man prophesied to raise the Saint and save his world for good. But he failed. Now his world is gone, and his friends are just memories swallowed by the endless dark… Now those memories haunt him, …

The Saint’s Rise – Ignifer Cycle 1

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The Saint’s Rise is Book 1 in the Ignifer Cycle. No heroes endure… Three thousand years ago the world fell into darkness, when the great black mouth of the Rot savaged the land. Only a single child survived the devastation; an infant with a prophecy carved into his skin, promising the rise of a hero powerful enough to slay the Rot for good: the Saint. Now that child is a young man, beginning to question the meaning of his many scars… Now those scars are hunted by a jealous King, ruler of a bizarre industrial city, where a thousand strange …