The Rot’s War out in audio!!

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Book 2 of my Ignifer Cycle, The Rot’s War, has now been released as an audiobook by Podium Publishing! I never once imagined a day like this would come. I first wrote this book hard on the heels of The Saint’s Rise maybe 10 years ago, way back in the mists of my time in Japan. I sent The Saint’s Rise to agents and publishers in multiple rounds, hundreds of them in total, and only ever came back with rejection.  What chance did a sequel have? Then I discovered self-publishing. I rewrote, published, rewrote, published several times. A year ago, …

The Rot’s War in audio Dec 18!!

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Book 2 of the Ignifer Cycle – The Rot’s War – is coming in a month (December 18) as an audiobook! Podium are releasing it to follow up their August launch of book 1, The Saint’s Rise. The promotional effort for this looks to be epic. I am going to push it to my list and hopefully via Bookbub. They are going to push it to their phenomenal list for the first time. I’m thinking it’s going to be huge. Here’s the cover for audio. More on this as we get closer!