Zombie Ocean Box Set 1: Books 1-3

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tl1-3-d350 Zombie Ocean Box Set comprises ebooks 1-3 in the Zombie Ocean series, The Last, The Lost and The Least, and tells a zombie apocalypse story with a twist: only one in 10 million people survive.

It has over 750 pages (250,000 words) of unique and thrilling post-apocalyptic survival adventure.

The Last

7 billion zombies. 1 man.

When the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive.
Except Amo. He’s a comic book artist. He’s a video game world builder. He’s just a regular guy living in New York city, with only his wits, creativity and basic decency to guide him.
He’s alone against 7 billion zombies.
Will he survive?

‘Robinson Crusoe’ meets the zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before, bringing a mind-blowing twist to all the adventure, blood and gore.

The Lost

7 billions zombies. 1 little girl.

When the zombie apocalypse claims America, only 1 in 10 million survive.
Anna is one of them. She’s a sweet 5-year-old girl who hasn’t left her sickbed for a year. She likes banana milkshakes and Alice in Wonderland.
She’s alone in a world of 7 billion zombies.
Will she survive?

‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets the zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before, bringing a haunting emotional weight to all the adventure, twists and gore.

The Least

7 billion zombies. 1 paraplegic.

When the zombie ocean crushes humanity, ex-Olympic athlete Robert ‘Cerulean’ doesn’t stand a chance.
His spine is broken. His mind is broken. He’s a decent, kind man who has suffered far worse than he deserved.
He’s stuck in a wheelchair among 7 billion zombies.
Will he survive?

‘Born on the 4th of July’ meets the zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before, bringing heart-rending heroism to all the adventure, twists and gore.


Would you survive?

Measure yourself against Amo, Anna and Robert- get all three books now.

If you like ‘I Am Legend’, ‘The Martian’ or ‘The Walking Dead’ you will love the Zombie Ocean series.


The Zombie Ocean Box Set is available in e-book format for $5.99.

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Reader reviews:

“A thoroughly enjoyable zombie romp unlike any other piece of zombie lore I’ve come across.” – Dominic McCann

“Not your typical Zombie apocalypse book! Loved the ending.” – M. Barker

“By far this is the BEST zombie book I have ever read.” – Cherie Unsworth

“I loved it. You never know what is coming next.” – Shelly Newkirk

ZOMBIE OCEAN full series

Book 1The Last

Book 2The Lost

Book 3The Least

Books 1-3Box Set 1

Book 4The Loss

Book 5The List

Book 6The Laws

Books 4-6Box Set 2

Book 7The Lash

Book 8The Lies

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  1. I thought the first book was a little Long and drawn out but it definitely set the stage for books 2 & 3. I think the author caught their notch with 2 & 3. I liked the way book 3 ended. It left it where you could be finished with the story but it’s left open for continuation. I hope there’s another book forthcoming in the series. I would like to know how it turns out.

  2. I have read countless apocalyptic novels and only 2 stand out from the rest…The Last Mayor series and Arisen series. I had finished the Arisen series and ran across the Last Mayor series and…wow! A perfect piece of storytelling that kept me glued to my Kindle for hours upon hours! I highly recommend these books and want to congratulate Michael Grist on a job well done (although he’ll probably never see this)…..

    1. Post
  3. I’m a huge post apocalyptic fan and go through this genre like mad, often feeling disappointed! But I can honestly say, the Last Mayor series is actually now my all-time second favourite out of dozens of novels (#1 for me will always be my first post apocalyptic novel, The Stand). Michael John Grist you may not see this but you are an amazing, rare author who is not afraid to delve into the detail to bring your characters ans this world to life. You you built an entire new world (and line haha) in my imagination and I couldn’t put this down for more than a few hours. Loved your characters, their humanity and their emotions, loved the humor, loved the conclusion. I’m not much of a writer so I’ll stop waffling but – loved this series immensely. We done sir you should be proud.

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