The Loss – Zombie Ocean 4

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TL4-D600The Loss is Book 4 in the Zombie Ocean series, and a zombie apocalypse story with a twist: super, giant, burning red zombies.

‘The Stand’ meets the zombie apocalypse.

Ten years after the zombie apocalypse destroyed civilization, ‘Last Mayor of America’ Amo faces the loss of everything he’s built.

He wants to be a good man. He wants to save his people. But what is good, and who are his people any more?

He will save or break the world.

The zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before, packed with gore, twists and severe moral hazard.


The Loss, Book 4 of the Zombie Ocean, is available in e-book format for $3.99:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA


The Least, Book 5 of the Zombie Ocean, will soon be available.

ZOMBIE OCEAN full series

Book 1The Last

Book 2The Lost

Book 3The Least

Books 1-3Box Set

Book 4The Loss

Book 5 – The List

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  1. kiwi

    I can’t seem to put your novel down. The Loss , the amazing choices amo had to face…. a zombie story that needs to be added to my collection!

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