The Laws – Zombie Ocean 6

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The Laws is Book 6 in the thrilling Zombie Ocean series.

7 billion zombies. 1 law.

Twelve years after the zombie apocalypse, New LA is finally at peace. 3 bunkers have signed the treaty, the demons are gone, and Amo’s people think they’re finally safe.

They’re wrong.

Lara falls sick, hit by destructive hallucinations that threaten her life, just as The Laws arrive in New LA, fellow survivors with a very different idea of what survival is. Nothing will be the same again.

Whose law will stand?

‘House of Cards’ crashes full-throttle into the zombie apocalypse, crammed with gore, twists and political carnage.

The Laws is the 6th post-apocalyptic thriller in the Zombie Ocean series. Burning questions will be raised and answered, like:

-What price does true survival require?
-What kind of people will pay it?
-Can they be stopped?

If you like wrenching stories of zombie apocalypse survival like ‘World War Z’, ’28 Days Later’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, you will love this book.


The Laws, Book 6 of the Zombie Ocean, is available from these sellers:

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Reader reviews for Book 1 in the Zombie Ocean series, The Last:

“A thoroughly enjoyable zombie romp unlike any other piece of zombie lore I’ve come across.” – Dominic McCann

“Not your typical Zombie apocalypse book! Loved the ending.” – M. Barker

“By far this is the BEST zombie book I have ever read.” – Cherie Unsworth

“I loved it. You never know what is coming next.” – Shelly Newkirk


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