Su’s birthday dinner at mom’s

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Today Su had her birthday! I gave her a fitbit watch and some other bits, and we went to my mom’s house for lunch. As often happens, my Dad and Ailz picked us up on their way up and we all went together. My sister Alice couldn’t make it as her kids were sickly, so this visit was the first time we’ve done for ages with only adults! It meant a lot of adult conversation over the delicious meal of lamb shank: Nationalism, Trump, Brexit and whether facts/reality are going to sally forth some time soon and vanquish these overheated …

Cat queue

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We lock the boys (our cats) in a little after it gets dark, and they’re still adjusting to this as darkfall has gotten earlier. Especially as it’s colder, they tend to lounge around all day in the house, then want to go out at night. This is what that looks like. Very patient.

Lincoln cat follows

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Lincoln cat always follows us into the park. It’s the cutest thing – he wants to see where we’re going, he just wants to be with us – but it’s also a big worry because dogs roam with their leashes off in the park. He’s been chased and almost bitten before. This time dogs were approachng and he was just sitting there looking the other way. I picked him up and walked hm out, but he jumped free when a little dog came running, and hid under a van. Cute, but a worry.

A few cat pictures…

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Nothing much to report on today so here are a few pictures of my cats! This was right after Churchill came back after being missing for 2 nights. I know, I know, I need to mow the lawn! Linc in the morning, having a good morning stretch. Both photos very ably taken by Suyoung – thank you for usage rights. PS – A company has approached me about paying 100 pounds to have a link on my blog. I guess I still have some Alexa ranking juice from the haikyo days, and they are hoping to draft behind that. 100 …

Sleepy cats

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Here’s a couple of sleepy cat photos. This is Lincoln. He’s a total player, when not asleep. If he had his equipment still he’d be a threat to all the girl cats on the block 😉 This is Churchill- decidedly not a player. He is very sweet, scared to go outside, and would be a poet in another life. He’s definitely a one-woman man.