Su’s birthday dinner at mom’s

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Today Su had her birthday! I gave her a fitbit watch and some other bits, and we went to my mom’s house for lunch. As often happens, my Dad and Ailz picked us up on their way up and we all went together. My sister Alice couldn’t make it as her kids were sickly, so this visit was the first time we’ve done for ages with only adults!

It meant a lot of adult conversation over the delicious meal of lamb shank:

  • Nationalism, Trump, Brexit and whether facts/reality are going to sally forth some time soon and vanquish these overheated bugbears of the past – I am bullish!
  • Red Dead Redemption, Doctor Who, Mortal Engines movie
  • Various people that both Mom and Dad know from the past…
  • Trips to France (Su and I sat this one out, having been there little)
  • Mom’s fantastic new cats! They are so fluffy it is unbelievable, like they are wearing fluff suits. Photos follow.
  • Swear words and where they come from, in particular the C- word, which apparently was a 16th century term of endearment for a good mate. Ailz: “And why not be a term of endearment, when men spend most of their lives trying to get closer to them!” I think this came from a discussion of racist terminology – brought up by use of the P-word in an episode of Doctor Who.

Su also got some jewellry, chocolate, a book on Rochester, and a bottle of wine.

Here are the fluff-monsters!

This is Connie – she is all black except for these amazing amber eyes – which are really hard to catch in the light. She is some kind of Persian mix, rescued from a Cats Protection League.

Both her nose and her cousin’s nose are totally squashed inward, and completely obscured by fur. So cute!! And very friendly.

This is Colin, who has one of the most expressive cat faces, and most fantastic moustaches, of any cat I have seen. The fur on his head is crazy dense. He is also extremely sweet, and let us pet and hold him some.

What a man.

Here he is floating gently as a cloud. Squashed-face fluff monster. My mom and Karen are very happy I think with these two little darlings!

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