Writing Update 2019 week 11 & 12

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Another 2 weeks gone, and I’ve been hard at work setting up my:

I was also lucky enough to get that awesome blurb from Lisa and Pat Mills.

So what else has been going on? I’m in the run up to tomorrow’s US 99c Bookbub on The Saint’s Rise. Today it’s a BargainBooksy promotion. For the past few days I’ve been ramping up my Facebook ads- $70 today. I also set up AMS and Bookbub ads, but they don’t spend…

I hope today it sells 100 copies. Well below 10k rank, maybe sub-5k? That might be too ambitious. Then tomorrow I want the Bookbub to blast it into the top 100. I don’t know how likely that is. Have I ever achieved that before? I’m not sure, but probably not… I’ve been in top 100 free for sure. I had the Bookbub 2 years back on my zombie series box set.

But paid? Sub-100 would be amazing. The goal will be the same for Soul Jacker in a week. I have way more promos lined up, plus I’ll run the rest of my budget on ads.

How much have I got in the tank? Two months ago the writing account had 3,000 GBP in it. I spent about 700 on my big FB ad experiment, at least 1,000 setting up these Bookbubs and other promos, and also some 600 on editing, with another hundred or so on covers and art.

Maybe 500 left now. That’ll go into FB ads for Soul Jacker, to juice it before the Bookbub New Release. I’ll keep you apprised!

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