8 books returned in one day!!?!

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Yesterday I had an epic day in Facebook ad response – 29 books sold across two series, earning $54 there and then with more to trickle in over today and tomorrow, on $65 worth of spend.

Almost getting to the breakeven point? I had some great responses to ads, and as I learned from Michael Cooper, every comment on your ad increases its relevance in Facebook’s eyes. My challenge blurbs are raising a few hackles, but more people are saying they’ve gone on to buy the books in question because of the boldness!!

Someone compared me to Levar Ball. Huh? I asked. Apparently he said he could beat Michale Jordan in one-to-one basketball. I replied – “I can’t speak to that, only to the faith I have in my book.”


I dreamed last night of truly epic sales. 50 books! $100! I wasn’t disappointed to see the 29 sales in the morning, including one person who’d bought the whole Last Mayor series from start to finish! 8 books, $2 each to me, seemingly bearing out the theories on readthrough! Hurray!

Then today in the afternoon each of those books gets returned for a refund. I am in the negative with Amazon today! Wtf is this? Who buys 8 books by accident like this, or even on a whim, then realizes they didn’t want any of them within one day?

It seems to me like the tactic a vengeful fellow zombie author might use to hit me in the rankings. Maybe it has worked – I’ve had hardly any sales today! 29 yesterday down to just 2 today, what sense does that make?

Ugh. People can be such punks. Here is a nice picture of all 9 books to soothe away the pain:

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  1. I know this is super old, but I hope things are better now, I am going to have no choice but to revise my entire book after seeing a whopping 70 returns of Walmart is Costly on 1 site alone so I feel your pain, yes, I sold a lot, but I don’t like how it looks early on and I agree people can be such punks and that’s putting it nicely. We can learn so much from these experiences as authors which is valuable too.

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