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My story The Orphan Queen – which shows, slantwise, the terribleness of isolation and the terrible bravery it takes to conquer it has been published this month on the semi-pro magazine Ideomancer. I’ve been striving to be published in Ideomancer for something like 8 years, so I’m totally psyched that I finally made it.

How many stories have I submitted there over the years? What did Ideomancer have to say about them?

Coniferous Bob – 2008 – “too much idiom, drowns out the rest”
The Giant Robot and the Myna Bird – 2008 – “no but liked, however no tension and slow”
Two Hearts – 2005 – no comment
Alegria’s Hair – 2004 – no comment
YellowJack Rebellion – 2004 – no comment
And many more with no comment over the years.

To see that progression is really rewarding. From nothing, to comments, to at last! publication. Now, I just have to do it again 🙂

Here’s the Ideomancer blurb-

  • Our final issue for 2011 speaks on a winter topic: connection, and isolation, for the months when we here at Ideomancer headquarters are hemmed in most by the snow and dark, and reach out most to each other for light. Michael John Grist’s ‘The Orphan Queen’ ; Kenneth Schneyer’s ‘Neural Net,’ one of our first pieces…

Read it here.

I really hope you enjoy it, if you take the time. Though there’s a little blood and discomfort, it should be pretty heartwarming overall.

See more about my writing here.

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