Michael John Grist writes dark and weird science fiction and fantasy stories, with many stories published in professional fiction magazines, e.g. Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Ideomancer.

Michael has published several collections of short stories, a travelogue / memoir of his adventures in Japan’s modern ruins, and the fantasy novel Saint Ignifer’s Rise.

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The Bells of Subsidence Bone Diamond Ruins of the Rising Sun Saint Ignifer's Rise


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    Ignifer's Rise
    In a brutal city splintered by caste, a condemned boy called Sen must confront the fate written in his scars and unite the castes in rebellion, before the apocalypse dawns.

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    Japan in Ruins
    Abandoned theme parks, lost mountain ghost towns, relics of World War II- they're all in this uniquely fascinating Japan travelogue / memoir of a serial ruins explorer.

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    Bone Diamond
    This collection of 9 'weird' stories reveals a bizarre world where the direction East is a living thing, the Moon counsels children to evil deeds, and diamonds grow in living bone.

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    The Bells of Sub..
    If you like ruins and science fiction, you'll love this collection of 9 SF stories, ranging from the crumbling outposts of galactic empire to the dystopian wastelands of future Earth.

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