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You can buy odd things in a Gachapon. Perhaps attention too often goes to the wadded-up knicker-vending machines (so sought-after these days), and not often enough to those cute little machines sitting so innocently right at your kids’ eye level.

In the past I’ve experimented and come up with the rear end of a fire truck and a piece of railway bridge. So we are incentivised to buy more.

Then I glimpsed these little beggars. They cannot be for kids. They are some kind of post-ironic jab at uber-too-cool-for-school hipsters, phone donglies that scream ‘I listen to Tragically Hip’ while simultaneously putting out the odd-ball verve ‘yup yup, speedballs, I like to party.’

I give you Hackman, not a patch on Ultraman, but hacking heroically for our amusement none the less.

300 yen, and worth every penny I think you’ll agree.

Have you ever hacked as heroically as this? Then you obviously haven’t been to Japan.

The true hacker is a hero to all. Not only can he pee in the middle of the street, standing up, people!, not only can he take cheap holidays by shinkansen all around the Japanese archipelago without any fear of his bullet train hitting dirt and getting buried in a river bed, he can also buy cute and memorable plastic snapshots of the moment he hacked up at the end of the night, in all the colors of the rainbow.

Here are red and green hacks. Red must be tuna sashimi. Green is doubtless seaweed from miso soup.

Yes, more pictures now!

Collect them all! Like Girls Generation, you’ll have great fun your own favorite!

HACKMAN! There should be the Batman music whenever he appears.

This one can be Robin as I consider the RED HACKMAN to be definitive. Don’t you?

Rapturous applause whenever these two appear, if you please.

And that I believe is that. Happy hacking!

(If you want to buy Hackman, I found these particualr specimens in a Village Vanguard, that odd Don Quixote/bookshop crossover)

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