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Capsule Stations or ‘Gashapon’ are a big deal in Japan, located outside any place that kids or otaku (nerds) might go. They are basically toy vending machines, like gumball machines, but for toys in plastic egg-shells. The name Gashapon is onomatopoeic, where the ‘Gasha’ is the sound of you turning the handle, and the ‘Pon!’ is the capsule toy popping out. They dispense a whole range of toys, from super-cheap garbage up to higher-end ‘adult-content’ type stuff.


The one I went to is on my block in Zoshigaya. I felt a little embarrassed to be buying what is basically a kids toy, and also to be filming it, but, there you go. Here’s the film of the buying and opening of my first two Gashapon:

Check out this video by ‘twinkiebeyond’ on YouTube to see hundreds of capsule station machines lining the aisles in the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara:



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  2. Hey – I think the Japanese term for these is gatcha gatcha machines. Or gadja gadja?

    I’ve never seen such a huge bank of them. Didn’t notice these the last time I was at the Akiba Yodobashi. Have to look next time I’m there. I can sometimes find very good miniature crustaceans in these. Still looking for a Tarabagani – woohoo!

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