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Girls Generation is a big news 9-member pop group from South Korea. They are currently breaking into Japan and other Asian countries in a major way. This can be seen in their cute same-looking legs gracing the covers of many product ads, from cookies to Cheetos.

Girls Generation prep for launch. My favorite is probably, um, the leader? 9 different flavors of same though, really.

Girls Generation = sexy, young, vibrant. Cheetos= not.

Cheetos – serious taste-having cheese. With 1 collectible card.

It’s an odd branding exercise. If they’d carved each individual Cheeto into the shape of one of the girls’ legs, I’d be impressed. Of course they didn’t. It isn’t even a new flavor.

10 cards to collect, 1 per pack. If I was a completionist, I’d have to eat 20+ packs to get them all. My stomach hurts thinking about it. That’s a lot of chemical chEese numbers.

I guess the dynamic of girl’s groups has changed, or is just different in Asia, from the days of groups like the Spice Girls. Look at the Spice Girls. Now that’s a real girl’s group- festooned with Union Jack’s and oozing variety. My favorite was Geri.

Are you a fan of Asian girl groups? I know there are plenty out there. Get up close and personal with some branded Cheetos this fall.

Finale- the ladies and their cheese. Could they look any better than this?

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  1. Girls groups don’t usually do much for me, but Girl’s Generation has a video where one of the girls looks just like Diana Rigg in her Emma Peel catsuit from The Avengers. Wow! It must have been an homage.

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          Ah, I see, thanks for link! Actually I’d never heard/seen them properly before. That driving Mr. Taxi driving dance move looks at once quite silly and provocative. Nicely done, I guess.

          1. I guess silly and provocative is the closest we can get to culture any more.

            Though I’m all for more girl bands emulating Diana Rigg. Meow!

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