Writing Retreat wk 1 – 2020 Writing Week 32

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This week has been week 1 of mine and my wife’s writing retreat. We have a 2 week summer holiday that was going to be a couple of different trips, which all got squashed by corona, so now it’s a staycation.

A Writing Retreat staycation! Intense writing. I did the following to prepare for this:

  • Make a sun screen hood thing for my laptop so I can write in the garden without screen glare. Wear a black shirt helps. this involved ordering black card from Amazon and necessitated waiting a day.
  • Right after I made my screen, family came for a day trip. Sister, brother-in-law and 2 awesome daughters came for a bbq and stayed 3 hours. This obviously knocked us out for 2 days.
  • 2 days later I went out with my wife to take new headshots for our author pages. This involved looking toward the sun to be fully lit. An unintended side effect was that I blasted my eyes and was knocked out for another 2 days, unable to look at screens.
  • Proof-listening to book 4 audiobook, approving, paying and sending for Audible approval. Change cover for book 1 in audio, prep new covers for all 4.
  • Inspired by my new audio covers, today I did some tinkering with my kindle covers to make the title big and my name small. Maybe…
  • Go through my Facebook Wren ads and hide/delete every comment that is talking about other authors or debating if Tom Cruise is a good Jack Reacher. Way too many of these.
  • New words? Well, I’ve been so busy!!

No new words!! But I did visit my mom today, got stuck in traffic, so obviously had to recover while watching 2 Masterchef Professional episodes. The last 2 nights I’ve been sleeping on the floor downstairs as the bedroom is too hot, so that has done my back in. Obviously can’t write new words like that!!

Maybe tomorrow. More likely though I will tinker, watch TV, and make excuses.

Holiday 🙂

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