Confirmatory reviews – Last Mayor is on the right track!

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A month ago I received this review of the Last Mayor box set books 1-9 on Amazon US:

Started off like a snowball down a mountain. By book 4 it slowed to a pebble rolling down a rocky slope. Well defined characters, interesting premise but some points go against all common sense. But still a good read. But cant bring my self to give a five.

Oddly, I found this to be incredibly reassuring. This person had read an earlier version, where I’d edited books 1-3 but hadn’t yet touched books 4-6. So – what I’d done was working! The new stuff was fast, the old stuff was slow. I took it as confirmation of the editing process, and was encouraged.

Last night I was just thinking how great it would be to get another review saying a similar thing for books 1-5, which I put out a few weeks ago. No sooner did I think it than I saw this review on Amazon UK, put up only hours earlier:

It started off well but went completely off the rails and lost my interest after book six, it got very disjointed and abstract! Which was a shame because up till then it was mostly very good!!

It’s like they actually read my mind – exactly what I wanted to hear, and also exactly what I think.

So – onward with the edits! I had intended to spend the end of this year writing a new Wren thriller, but given the heat around the zombie box set right now it makes sense to sharpen all 9 books ASAP. Deadline of Christmas. Hopefully readthrough will spike higher, reviews will be better and all will be well in the world.

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