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Since I started out writing I’ve been giving away a free book as a gift to get people to sign up to my newsletter list. Has it worked well? I have no idea – I have no stats on this, but I’m not sure it was ever all that likely to work. Why?

  • I always gave away a book in a different genre. When people finish my fantasy books, they get offered The Last, a zombie apocalypse. Same for when they finished Mr. Ruin. It’s a different thing.
  • I always gave the same book! So even if they are finishing book 1 of The Last series, the free book I’m offering was probably book 1 The Last! Not a lot of takers for that, I expect.

So, maybe something more directly related to the book in question is better. I’ve heard other people give out-takes from their books – in the case of romance, the steamier scenes. Mark Dawson gives a confidential character assessment of his thriller hero.

So why not that? I’m thinking about both The Saint’s Rise and Soul Jacker here, both of which are going to get major traffic as their Bookbubs happen. How great to hook the folks who read them with something that’ll pull them into each respective world more deeply?

I already have loads of art. For Soul Jacker I can:

  • Strip the titles from old book covers and offer them as art – including a map of the brain/maze, the godships, Mr. Ruin himself.
  • I’m also looking to get some schematics drawn up by an artist, of the Molten and Solid Cores, and of the Bathyscaphe sublavic. I think these would be awesome fun – and really hook readers in to sign up.

As for The Saint’s Rise:

  • I already have art made years ago of all the main characters – I just included it at the end of the book as bonus content, but why not make them sign up to see it?
  • I could get a map made of Sen’s city – something I’ve been thinking about for ages.

This is all extra work. If there way any time to do it, though, it’s right before twin Bookbubs. Maybe I can collect a few thousand email addresses of engaged fans – definitely worth fostering that relationship. Maybe worth the effort. Also – fun.

Here are my rough sketches of the art I want turned into sweet schematics:

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