Taking care of business…

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The last few days were meant to be dedicated to editing the Mr. Ruin books, but instead I have used them for taking care of fairly dull New Year business:

  • Renewing my driving license (still not finished, machines at the Post Office were busted)
  • Researching remortgage rates – coming up in a few months
  • Researching a car to buy! This is quite exciting. We are mostly sold on a Dacia Duster. 15k all in, SUV, high driving position, looks pretty cool.
  • Setting up The Saint’s Rise Bookbub price of 99c around the world on all vendors (except in the US)
  • Finally ordering a new shed! It is due in a few days.
  • Joining the dentist, with a cleaning scheduled for tomorrow (first visit to dentist in 4 years!!)

Now however for 4 days I can double down on editing.

I’ve also lined up some research on cults for me to be getting on with – maybe a discussion with a cult survivor, as well as multiple documentaries and books about cults and mind control to absorb. Good to steep in it.

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