Finally built the new shed!!

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After blogging about it plenty of times, starting at 9am and finishing around 5:30pm, today I built my new shed! Man, that is a long time – and it is not even finished!

First up was emptying the old shed, tearing it down, moving it out of the way, cleaning up the old brushwood I’d stuffed behind it two summers ago, cleaning up all the rocks I exhumed three years back, sweeping the concrete plate, then beginning the build.

Partially torn down. Rocks at left.
All the junk emptied out. Ping pong table at right.
Down. Rocks and brush to be removed still.

I got all that done maybe by 10am, within an hour. Until 12 I put on the new base, figured out my new drill, and assembled the back and two sides with Su’s help, then hung the door on the front wall.

Lunch followed. Su made tasty omelettes. Then a quick trip to Wickes, because the pilot hole drill bit (1mm) snapped. Start up at 1 and get the front on, the roof bar on, the roof pieces on, then as it was getting dark and starting to splash with rain around 4pm, I rolled out the felt roof and started tacking it on. 100 tacks later, the shed is waterproof!

Well, not wholly. The window needs to go in still, and the door has a big gap to cover. But mostly there. Photos tomorrow – I was too busy to stop and take more today. Lots of trimming bits to add on, then paint it with preservative, then it will be done. Finally the mower, cornhole boards and tennis stuff can move out of the kitchen and dining room!

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