3 days before International Bookbub – marketing report

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My ad on Facebook continues to perform pretty nicely, in the last 4 days since ads started it has sold 8 copies on amazon, half of those at the full 4.99 price, half at 99p, and 4 copies through iTunes, half at full price, half at 99p.

So I’ve made about 20 pounds, for an outlay of 40 (at 10 a day).

A 100% loss of 20 pounds. So why so chipper? These are better results than I’ve ever really had with a Facebook promo before, and my goal here is not to make momey (yet), it’s to juice the ranking algorithm before the Bookbub hits.

More juice in advance, so goes the theory and my experience of it, means more sales in the tail (ie- after the major promotion is over). A nice long coast into profit town.

Also, it doesn’t consider readthrough. If we consider maybe 25% of those readers will buy The Rot’s War, that’s 4 more copies at full price, so another 12 pounds. 32.

Hmm. Still a loss of 8. But maybe some of those readers will go on to read my other books. Some may leave reviews – a kind of payment of its own. Things can happen. Money will come.

Accordingly I’ll crank up my Facebook spend in the coming days. Maybe 20 pounds tomorrow, the 8th. 40 on the 9th. The 10th is my Bookbub, so either cancel the ads (as they’ll pale into nothing next to the Bookbub) or double down and go big, aiming for the biggest splash possible.

We’ll see.

Still nothing from the Bookbub ads.

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