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Yesterday I had two bites on my thriller from agents. One was for the full, which is the first time so far, and one for the partial (they responded to an initial query to ask for the first 3 chapters).

That is exciting. Of course I’ve had bites before, and know not to get too excited. Regarding my potential haikyo/ruins book – I’ve had THREE solid bites over the years, and none finally panned out.

  • The first was in my exploring heyday – a Kodansha publisher in Japan arranged a meeting and we chatted about the prospect. I later found out he lost his job.
  • The second was with a French publisher, who went so far as to put the book title on their website – then I never heard from them again.
  • The third was this time a year ago, a publisher doing American history and photobooks reached out and suggested it could all happen pretty quickly. Of course nothing has happened since.

So, yes, plenty of moderation being taken with any hint of good news. Still, it’s quite fun to get excited!

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