Writing Update 2018 week 48

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I haven’t released a book in 5 months! That is the longest I have gone since I started publishing seriously in 2014. I’m currently selling around 1-2 a day, with around 1000 pages read. That’s about $10 a day. Not terrible, considering I’ve done no promo in months.

Here’s the update on thriller book 2:

  • Word count: 77,000 – up by 16,000 from 2 weeks ago. Around 1,000 words a day. Not much, but OK. At that pace, it’s a book in 3-4 months. 3-4 per year.
  • Number of vehicular crashes: 2 big ones plus 40 small ones – I’ll leave that mysterious.
  • Body count: Somewhere around 25 so far. Goodies and baddies mixed in.
  • Locations: 5 major ones. Rural and City and Suburb and Plane and Rural again. Now heading to sea.
  • Anticipated wordcount: Still 100,000.

Agent update:

It’s been 2 months since I sent my first round of submissions of Thriller 1 to agents. Last night I sent a few more.

Promo plan:

With The Rot’s War coming out in audio on Dec 7, I’m planning a big push for book 1, The Saint’s Rise. It drops out of Amazon Kindle Unlimited a few days in advance, so I will put it wide, then apply for a 99c Bookbub. Fingers crossed they’ll take it. It would be my third Bookbub.

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