Writing Update 2018 week 46

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been a little jammed up around the 50,000 word mark on my thriller book 2. I’d write a chapter or two forward, then go back and wonder if it was the right move or not. Go back 3 or 4 chapters and reconsider.

A major character dies. It’s a big blow, and takes some real thinking to know if I’m set on it.

Now that jam is cleared. We just spent 10,000 words on a plane. I find in writing these thrillers that there’s a lot of time spent in transit. The transit time is a great time to catch up on what’s happening in other plot threads, check in with HQ and see what the news is, and also absorb whatever happened in the last action scene.

How many big action scenes in this book? 3 or 4 big ones so far. 2 more coming before the end. And lots of detective-ing puzzle work. Plus another vehicular crash. 2 in the book so far.

  • Word count: 61,000
  • Number of vehicular crashes: 2
  • Body count: Somewhere around 15 so far. Goodies and baddies mixed in.
  • Locations: 4 major ones. Rural and City and Suburb and Plane. Now heading back to a different deep rural.
  • Anticipated wordcount: Still 100,000.

Now I start thinking about book 3. Lots of possibilities. Maybe religion this time?

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