Roaring taps in the kitchen

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When I turn the hot water on in the downstairs bathroom, the pipes roar. Sometimes the hot water cuts out for no obvious reason. Sometimes they vibrate very loudly, sometimes they whistle.

What the heck?

Some time ago I figured out what was causing this phenomenon. The kitchen mixer tap is two years old and the ceramic washers inside it, or the cheap rubber washer that seals them, have perished. This also explains why the hot tap is constantly leaking. When those pipes are roaring, it is because air is getting sucked in through the dripping tap.

What a pain.

To get a plumber in would cost some 150 pounds to replace them. They can’t be fixed, the local plumber’s shop tells me. The parts are too unique.

Luckily I have my Phd in tap replacements! I fitted all the bathroom taps – 6 in total. I’ve ordered a new tap for the kitchen. A few months back I lifted and re-seated the whole kitchen sink, which involved removing and re-attaching the taps anyway, so this is a piece of cake. I have all the plumber’s gear. A wrench. Putty. That is scheduled for tomorrow.

Kep your eyes peeled. Maybe I will include photos!

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