Office lunch chit-chat

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Today I felt a bit giddy and chatted to my co-workers at lunch instead of buzzing off to the library to do some writing. Topics covered included:

  • K (redacted) the opera singer talking about not liking any musicals except maybe Meet Me At St. Louis (which I don’t like)
  • A who’s studying for a PhD decrying the Harry Potter phenomenon as only for kids (and me pushing back HARD with reference to Alice in Wonderland being for kids but beloved by adults)
  • D telling me about the lemon drizzle cake he made for his kid, because I’m interested in baking cakes after watching so much Great British Bake-Off
  • M saying we’d be better off buying the cake in a shop, and
  • R grumbling about students needing to go off for Friday prayer in the middle of the afternoon lesson in the library

I received recommendations to watch West Side Story, read At Swim, Two Boys, and cook a cake loaf flavored with vanilla. Good haul. Also to try out Bellenger the Alsatian restaurant in Highbury.

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