Collapsing shed

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2 weeks ago I mentioned my collapsing shed – in the solution of the mosquito mystery. To catch you up – the shed roof had collapsed, so I replaced it with tarps as a temporary solution. The offshoot of this was that the tarpaulin caught all the rainwater, weighed the shed down, and forced the shed to bow inward.

A secondary offshoot was that all this standing water let mosquitos flourish – they were always in the house. I started bailing out the roof and the mosquitos disappeared.

Today I took some pictures, after fresh rainfall on Friday. All bailed out. Now I move on to replacing kitchen taps. At some point, in between buying cowboy clothes at Debenhams (?) and going to the charity shop with old clothes, I will also write!

First off, assorted feathes in the grass. Someone had fun with a bird last night.

Crooked shed! Popping up in the middle is a wooden pole that partially stops water from gathering in the folds.

Not supposed to be bending inward like this. Miraculously, it’s still pretty waterproof.

Plenty of water needing bailing out.

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