Wonder Woman 2 filming outside my school!

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Yesterday teams started setting up Christmassy grottos, fake snow patches and giant snowmen outside my workplace, Birkbeck college in London. I figured it was going to be an ongoing Christmas fair, similar to the farmers’ market that runs there every thursday.

Then I came in today, and saw they have added a couple of giant nutcrackers to the building entrance, more fences are in place, along with some signs directing the crew not to take photos or walk on the snow.

Nutcrackers not normally here.



I came in to the office and rumors abounded. One said that this was all going to be for a commercial for Winter Wonderland – the Christmassy extravaganza that takes over Hyde Park in the next few months, filled with rides, food, entertainment and Christmas commerce. OK.

Then someone reported seeing WB equipment – Warner Brothers? How was that connected to Winter Wonderland? And why would Wonderland need to mock up footage from here – why not just use footage from last year?

Then the rumor entered the fray that they were filming Wonder Woman 2. The pieces began falling into place. Winter Wonderland? Wonder Woman? WW? It’s a good cover story. WB, check. Some quick Googling confirmed they are filming WW2 in London. It was originally scheduled for a Christmas release in 2019 – which makes sense for them having a Christmas scene. (Apparently that’s been delayed now to summer 2020).

I went out and spoke to one of the crew. He confirmed that it’s a film. A nearby fan confirmed it is Wonder Woman!

“She’s here tomorrow,” she said.

Gal Gadot outside Birkbeck college! Filming a winter market scene. My guess is, with the big nutcrackers and the internal construction they’re doing to build some kind of Santa’s grotto, they’re mocking us up to look like an Oxford Street department store. Maybe Harrod’s or Hamley’s, with a street market going on outside. Set in 1984.

Grottos going up.

Staff on patrol.

Big snowmen through the grating. Look out for these fellas in the WW 2 movie!

Internal works – leading to a Santa’s grotto? Or – maybe more likely, a window scene that looks like a department store window display!

Some co-workers talk about coming in tomorrow to see if they can see Gal Gadot. The building is open, though of course that nutcracker entrance will be closed. I could come in, but I don’t think I will. It could be all day, and still see nothing! I’ve got some very important Tv shows to watch and stories to write.

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