London march for a People’s Vote on Brexit!

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Su and I attended the People’s Vote March in London today – it is my first real bit of activism. Actually I went to the trump protest march a while back, when they flew the Trump blimp, but I could stop by as I was on a lunch break at work.

700,000 people went today, apparently. We felt it as soon as we exited Marble Arch station around 1pm, an hour after the march was supposed to have set off for Westminster. It was totally backed up, no movement at all, and people were spreading off the street and onto the park, onto the street beyond the park.

It was pretty fun in spite of that. A great feeling in the crowd, especially when periodic Mexican Wave-type shouts coursed down the street, or when the cyclists with their huge boom box came by playing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. After a llittle while we took to the park and side street too and made a little headway, but it became a logjam at the bottom of Hyde Park. There was no chance of getting to Westminster, so around 3 (when it was all done anyway) we petered away like everybody else and found something to eat.

Well, we did our bit! I even made a sign, which shows exactly what I think of the first vote. We just pissed all over ourselves. On our clothes. In our hair. In our pants, in our socks, even in our shoes. And now the Brexiteers want us to walk arond the world, tramping it with piss-squelching shoes, stinking of piss, leaving a pissy trail of desperation. We want to pass these piss-stinking clothes onto our children, who’ll be forced to wear them because there won’t be any other unpissy clothes left.

But good news – we’re told that by 2050 the stench of piss may finally have abated, and our economy may begin to thrive again. Hurrah! I heard Jacob Rees-Mogg said that. 2050?!! 2050, you fucking idiot, just to get back to growth, and for what?!!

Intelligent people need to wash this piss off ourselves now. Not luxuriate in it. We need a long, introspective shower, and try to chum back up with our stomping buddies, the EU. Never gonna give EU up.


The clear reason for a second referendum.

Just the beginning of the throng we joined.

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