Churchill missing and mosquito mystery solved

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Our sweet cat Churchill has gone missing again. So far it is two nights that he hasn’t come home, which is a worry. It’s autumn and getting cooler, and it’s been raining a lot, so it doesn’t make sense he’d be just hanging out.

More likely he took shelter in someone’s shed during the big rain over the weekend. Now I assume he’s locked in that shed.

The longest he was away was 10 days in the summer. We figured in that time he was locked in a shed as well. It gives hope that he can survive for a long time, but also worry that he hasn’t learned his lesson. In the next day or so we’ll run up some leaflets and start asking people to check in their sheds again.

I had 3+ dreams about him coming home this morning. Each one I was pretty sure was a dream, but still, you get that little spike of hope.

In other news – we’ve had loads of mosquitos in the house recently. Why? It was a mystery. I thought it might be one of my plumbing jobs – I recently re-piped the bath, imperfectly, and was concerned there was standing water underneath it from leaks. But I checked that, and no…

So what?

Su put the pieces together. A few months back our garden shed started to collapse. It wasn’t waterproof anymore, which is bad mostly because we’ve got a ping pong table in there, and don’t want it to rot. So, pending buying a new shed, I stapled some tarpaulin sheets as a temporary roof.

But – when it rains those sheets just collect the water. The weight of that water is bowing what’s left of the shed totally out of shape. It is also surely a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. I went out yesterday and bailed out the roof like I was bailing out a boat, and came in the house with incredibly stinging arms. It was dark so I couldn’t see them, but there must have been a throng of mosquitos buzzing around me the whole time.

OK, new shed climbs as a priority. But a shed with a catflap, so Church can’t get locked in it.



Church just came back. His adventure is over for now. Let’s hope he’ll never get locked in anywhere again! Su sent this, he’s eating up:

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