The Saint’s Rise – Ignifer Cycle 1

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The Saint’s Rise is Book 1 in the Ignifer Cycle.

No heroes endure…

Three thousand years ago the world fell into darkness, when the great black mouth of the Rot savaged the land. Only a single child survived the devastation; an infant with a prophecy carved into his skin, promising the rise of a hero powerful enough to slay the Rot for good: the Saint.

Now that child is a young man, beginning to question the meaning of his many scars…

Now those scars are hunted by a jealous King, ruler of a bizarre industrial city, where a thousand strange castes toil away like slaves…

Now a dark beast is watching, an Unforgiven, seeking to fulfill a promise made long ago…

And now the Rot has returned, its great black mouth growing large again in the sky, bringing chaos and fear to a world where no heroes endure…

The first book in The Ignifer Cycle, a new fantasy saga.

The Saint’s Rise, Book 1 of the Ignifer Cycle, is available in print, ebook and audiobook formats now:

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Reviews for The Saint’s Rise:

Michael John Grist is a magnificent story teller. He creates fantastic worlds and weaves them with adventure and intrigue. – Amazon reviewer

The characters, the worlds, the epic adventure were excellent. I strongly recommend it! – Amazon reviewer

“The Saint’s Rise is a very different fantasy book. The book goes from quiet to fast-paced easily (without feeling choppy) and puts our hero and his friends in many situations you wouldn’t expect, in ways you wouldn’t expect.” – Joe Z

Summed up in one word – Epic.” – Katy Page

IGNIFER CYCLE full series

Book 1The Saint’s Rise
Book 2The Rot’s War

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  1. Hey Michael! Just reading through the Amazon sampler of the Saint’s Rise and totally had to purchase the book. Can’t wait for it to arrive!! I was curious, how many books are you planning on thinking will be in this series? Ballpark numbers work with me too if you don’t have a number set in stone yet 😀

    1. Post

      Sorry to not reply for so long, Wuz, and thank you for your interest! I wasn’t checking this page. I expect there to be 5 books in the cycle.

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