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Yesterday we spent much of the day gardening, and came up with this transformation:



Perhaps you can’t tell what the difference is? I’ll get better before/after pictures next time.

I smoothed out all the beds. On the left the bed grew annoyingly narrow- like a fat person with very skinny legs- so I had to widen it with a curvy flourish. The right hand side got curvier too, the bench was moved, and the heap of trash at the bottom got moved.

Also I hoisted 4 bags of grit and gravel that were left by the previous owner behind the shed and poured them into the giant pothole in the road in front of us (it’s private, so we have to maintain it).

The road is gray and the grit is basically orange sand. It looks weird, but it’s a first step.

Also planted flowers, mowed the lawn and assorted weeding/trimming. It’s not exactly fun, but it is pleasantly diverting. More coming- with roses and such, this coming weekend.

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