New Mr. Ruins cover!

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I had a fresh cover update made for Mr. Ruins a few months back and have been waiting for the others in the series to be completed before unveiling it or doing any kind of promo, but what the heck- here it is 🙂

Why have I done an update? Several reasons:

  • The old one hasn’t sold in months, and if I pay for another promo for it, I want to get a bit more traction.
  • Though I loved the old one, on reflection I was certain it wasn’t communicating the genre or feel enough. The old ship held no threat, and perhaps not enough mystery. It didn’t look very pro- and that came down to typography as well as the image.

Now here is this new one! I love it. I think it gets across the central conceit way better- vampires of the mind. At some point I’ll update the Book Adventures in Marketing post for Mr. Ruins to reflect these changes, and fully explain all the iterations.

Also I need to update this site with new covers! I’ll probably do that when I have all three covers done. I’ll make a box-set too, and promote them all.

Further- I’ve been editing all 3 books to make them more accessible. They won’t lose anything, hopefully they will only gain by becoming more comfortably readable.

Intrigued? Amazon already has the updated version of Mr. Ruins here-

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

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