Bible and Holly Lolly

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We bought a Bible!

Actually I should say we donated for a Bible, as it was offered to us for free when we went to church again today.

Church AGAIN?!

Yes church again, but not the brainwashing rock-out of the family service we went to last time, instead back to the regular solemnity of a proper service. Now that the structure of these things is familiar to us, I start to wonder how the vicar manages to do all the repetitive readings he has to do and not go a bit mad with it.

“We have to do this every week? All this worship and Jesu talk every week?”

Our guy does it with spirit though. Afterward I talked to him and said he looks like Mark Strong- but he didn’t know who Mark Strong was!! I said it was a compliment. He dashed off to change into street duds for the rocking service.

We chatted to a lovely older guy called John, who ended up taking us to the church hall and showing us around. It’s all getting redone soon, knocked down and rebuilt, but it’s good to know where the Saturday night church quiz and barn dances are held ;).

AND- there was an ancient tome of a bible going begging at the front of church. The note said they’d taken it to Sotheby’s but it had no value, despite dating back to 1841. I think that it has to have some value, and we love old stuff, so I made a bid.

50 pounds! Accepted. They would have given it to us for free, but that hardly seemed fair. Here it is in all its simple loveliness. Older than our house.


On the patio table.


Interesting interior. Marbled paper? Tie-dye, perhaps?



AND- I promised yesterday a picture of our new Holly Lolly (lollipop) as rendered by Theodora, and here it is!


Plus a picture of our garden now that things are getting a bit more ordered. Note the stripes in the grass- I did that (proud).



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