Ugne from Bakeoff!

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This morning on the train into work SY and I totally saw Ugne from Great British Bakeoff!!

She was squeezing into the Hammersmith and City line, and I felt the urge to yell out “Hey Ugne!” followed by something like, “Great baking!”

I didn’t- perhaps I was too star struck? I should be prepared, honestly, after seeing Richard who nearly won Bakeoff last year just off Russell Square. 

“Hey Richard yeah it’s me, great baking!”

Of course they don’t know me! 😀 It does feel like you know them though. 

I knew moving to London we’d start seeing famous people. 

Here’s Ugne-

Read about her here.

Big time. 

Writing news

Borrows bounced back up to 2000 pages yesterday, which is about 4 books read all the way through.

Chapter 4 of Cerulean-centric Zombie Ocean 3 got written today. It is definitely tragic. But he is such a damn hero. He rises above, and keeps his sense of humor too. I’m counting on those traits to break up the tears and keep the reader engaged.

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