The wardrobes fit!

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We hired two guys who came round today and brute forced the wardrobes up over the banister and into the room.

The banister got pretty scratched up, but paint will fix that. The wardrobes are massive, very deep, but they look great.

The TV stand we bought though was damaged, crunched on the corner, so it will hopefully go back for a full refund.

It’s weirdly stressful, receiving furniture- even stuff you want and are mostly happy with. I’ve never experienced it before, having never really owned anything. 

Maybe it’s a bit like that feeling after you take a cast off an injury and see the wrinkly healed scar underneath. Like a disconnect, or a connect with a new reality setting in. It’s a strange reaction.

I’m sure we’ll adjust soon. In the meantime, here I am still in the first blush of happiness at having wardrobes-

I wrote the blurb for Zombie Ocean 3 today. I do this first now- trying to get each as short as I can. It really helps me home in on what the main conflict/story is, and if it has enough punch.

Being snappy and easy to grasp is key. People need to know quickly what kind of story they’re in for, what the USP (unique selling point) is, and what kind of emotional ride they’ll be on.

I think I’m there. I’m almost ready to start writing. Who’s the viewpoint character? I can say that much.

It’s Cerulean.

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