Story arc in Zombie Ocean 3

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Today I thought a lot about what Cerulean’s story arc is. I think knowing that will make the writing flow. 

With Amo and Anna it was easy- they were both a kind of love story. Boy/girl, parent/daughter. The arc from beginning to end is straightforward- have someone, lose them, get them back again.

That’s not Cerulean’s arc though. If anything, his is about heroism, and straining towards an ideal. So in the start- he loses sight of that ideal. Then he dpends the rest of the story trying to get it back.

I’ve been tinkering with the blurb, and thinking to compare this story to ‘Born on the 4th of July’. First, he’s in a wheelchair. Second, they’re both about heroism.

But it’s not only that for Ron Kovac. His journey is from blinkered patriotism and black/white morality to a more balanced view of reality. He lost something- or never had it- but earned it through the story. 

For Cerulean? He wasn’t ever a coward, so it’s not that he has the gain. I have a few ideas.

Plus of course I have the plot; the whole story. I’ve got cool events and characters. It’s the deep drive for Cerulean that is still foggy.

In other news, another day spent painting. The living room is now cell block gray. See-
I really dig it. Gray can totally be warm. 

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