Painting up a storm

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We painted the kitchen and we painted the bedroom and we painted the front room. Masking tape was our savior. Edges were our foe. Great big swathes where the skirting board was the same color as the wall and all four walls were the same color were our great friend.

Here is the kitchen transformation-


Wallpaper stripped. I should’ve taken a picture with the stripey blue paper up, but didn’t think. It wasn’t terrible, but I’m no fan of wallpaper, and it was cracked, peeling, and pretty poorly aligned in the first place.


Here it is with white primer.


Lovely blue (Moonlight Bay).

One more step remains, and that is paint the floor dark blue. That is exciting.

Sales continue at around 3/day, while page reads hold steady around 6,000 (12 books a day). Reviews pop in nicely. I’ve done no writing but I shall do some planning for Zombie Ocean 3 tomorrow. It’s going to take things in a whole other direction.

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