New desk!

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Its a mini pedestal desk with 7 drawers and two writing-ey bits that pop out above drawers at left and right to afford more writing surface.

It is where I will do most of my writing hereon in. 

Just behind the chair is my weights bench. Did weights tonight. 

Corbyn won the Labour leadership election. People say it’s huge, but the next election is not til 2020, so I’m not convinced it means all that much. 

Plus I can’t say I’m anti-austerity. Increase tax on rich people, yes, I’m for that, but pure socialism just seems so mushy to me. It doesn’t harness basic human drives, or bring out human excellence, as well as capitalism (with a socialist safety net of survival money and good health care).

Anyway. We also watched Billie JD Porter go to China and flirt with cocky Chinese boys. She’s a great presenter- engaging in ways older white men just can’t be. And in your face too. 

Ps- While the desk is new to me, of course it’s not actually new- bought antique off eBay. How old is it? Dunno, but the quantities of dust inside it spoke of long centuries… (all cleaned up now)

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