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Since my Dad’s moved in with his mom (my grandmother) he’s been reorganizing her Kent farmhouse, which involved bringing a few older bits of art to the fore. Here is an image of one of my late Grandfather’s factories – a man after whom I appear to have been named (John Grist). I’m not entirely sure what it made. It does look impressive though.

I’d like to see a photograph of the actual factory it represents, but perhaps they don’t exist anywhere. Dad?


My grandfather was in industry (maybe oil?) and also worked on the bomb squad in World War 2. He loved race horses and owned several. For a while he had a yacht, and we went out on it once as little kids.


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  1. He didn’t actually own the factory- just designed the stuff it contains. That’s what he did; he ran a business that designed things like silos and pipelines. He didn’t manufacture them himself. And all he had by way of a business premises was a small office in a village in Kent.

    Yes, you were named after him 🙂

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      Ah, got it- cheers Dad! I must have known I was named after him, but I hadn’t recollected that for so long it felt like new information. Interesting that his name is on all my books, and on this website.

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