Cover design day 

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Today I spent many many hours working on the typography for the new Mr. Ruins cover. Hours hunting for good free fonts, then hours more tinkering with colors, font combos, spacing and placement, as well as making mini changes to the image itself.

It’s amazing how long it can take to do such little things that nobody will really notice.

The image is fantastic. It’s so vampiric! But also- I believe- it has the sci-fi tone. It definitely doesn’t look like vampire romance, which I believe is the dominant part of the genre. Nothing wrong with vam-ro, of course, but it’s quite different from Mr. Ruins.

I’d post the cover but my internet has gone mostly down again, so no uplands (maybe one image in an hour). I’ll do a cover reveal in a day or two, and relaunch the book on Amazon with steamlined and more accessible text too.

No pictures of anything this post.

Here is a smiley face though- 🙂

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