The Lost release Promo plan

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The Lost, 2nd book in the zombie ocean series, comes out this Saturday, and I’ve set up a free promotion to signal boost both it and the first book, The Last.

The last time I promoted The Last I shipped 5000+ copies, which led to a big boost in sales with almost 1000 sold at full price- $2.99. That was my best promotion yet, paying for itself, the cost of the cover, and some of this promo too.

Here’s the new promo plan:

Aug 18 The Last

Ereader news today- $25

Kindle nation daily- $30

Bknights- $10

Kindle books and tips- $25

That adds up to $90. These promo services Facebook post, tweet, email and blog your book to their audiences. Apparently they make lots of money off us authors. But- they offer a shot at visibility, and these selected sites have served me well in the past.

Aug 19 The Lost

The same as above, plus:

Freebooksy- $70

That totals $160 for The Lost, and $250 in total. It starts to be real money. Wish me luck, and I’ll post results here.

Other news

Here is a picture of my mom’s cat in my mom’s garden-

Her name is Paris, and she likes hunting frogs. She basically squashes them when she pounces. She also likes taking walks with us up and down the street, to the delight of neighbors. 

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