The Lost- cover rough sneak peek!

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Book 2 of my Zombie Ocean series- The Lost- is finished, edited and proofed, and now the cover is almost done too: 
This is the rough sketch from Francisco, and I love it. In the middle is Anna, 5 years old and an apocalypse survivor. This book has some good twists, I think. This cover is just the beginning. 

The book will be out in a week! Stay tuned for details upcoming.

Working on it really made me think about story theory. My writer pal Matt said The Last seems to be primarily a character arc story, with uneven presence of a strong threat.

I guess this is true. It’s also true of The Lost. The name for this kind of novel is Bildungsroman, or ‘coming of age’ story. I’m cool with that, and in the presence of such greats as Great Expectations and Catcher in the Rye. 

Plus zombies. And mystery. With thrills and horror, and a Minecraft-like sensibility. 

Other news

In other news, I’m going to try posting something here every day. Resurrect my site as a blog, about writing, life in London, probably movies and TV.

A quick show of hands- is anybody reading this? I hardly expect folks are, after I’ve let the site lie dormant for so long. It still gets a ton of traffic, but all to the old ruins posts.

If you are, is there anything you’d like to see on here in particular? Bearing in mind I don’t live in Japan anymore, and don’t go to ruins really either? 


To sum up, I expect posts will have something about writing, something about life, and maybe short reviews. It’s good to share. 

Also, let me know how you like the cover sketch- fleshed out versions to follow in this week before release!

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