The Last – new cover

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In line with new designs for The Lost, I updated the cover of The Last. Someday soon I’ll do a full post describing how this cover went from idea to its current state.

Briefly, along with the text changes to the title I described for The Lost, I redid the colorization so his shirt pops more, everything is sharper, and I zoomed the image so he doesn’t look tiny next to Anna in The Lost 🙂

Oh, and I added the biohazard icon at the bottom. 

Other news

SY goes to a salsa class tonight! I’ll have some street food dinner with her and a friend in Camden lock area, which promises to be fun.

Camden is full of crusty/hippy/canal boat/hipster types. Last time I went down there one of them said ‘good morning’ to me, but guess what, it was 1pm! Hahaha. Crazy canal folk. 

Here is a maze made by my friend in Japan Rob Nugen-

It looks like two frumbly nematodes to me, swimming through uck… Solved it in 8 seconds.

He’s made a bunch of them in his site-

Take a look!

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