Last / Lost promo day 3

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Free downloads seem to have really dropped off today. After getting 3000 yesterday and peaking at 62 in the overall free chart, The Lost only added a few hundred more today.

Free seems to ever decreasing returns.  This may be true for everyone or just for me- but unless things take an upturn, I’ll have to think hard if there’s a better way to get the word out.

So far, 3200 Lost and 2200 Last. It’s still a ways off the modest (I thought) goal of 5k. If either results in a good post-free bounce though, or more good reviews, I’ll be happy.

Other news

Went to see 7 brides for 7 brothers again tonight! Open air theater, and again it rained! Not rained off though, we all just endured.

Great fun dancing, some good songs, really terrible gender politics but at least the man apologized at the end (for encouraging his brothers to kidnap 6 women). 

Had fish and chips at the cafe by the theater in Regents Park, here it is.

And a panorama of the interior.

Home by 11. Not too bad. Tomorrow is the last day of the intensive, then move into our house and 2 weeks off!

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