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Sales of all books today are down to 5, but page reads are still high at 4500. Between them that’s about $35. 

6 days at that level of sales and I’ll pay off the promo cost. 9 days and it will pay for the cover too.

Any further can go towards the next cover and promo! 


New house!

It bucketed down rain all day. We arrived to get the key at 3pm. Going into the house was just overwhelming. Our house!

Turning off the burglar alarm was wild and frantic. Discovering that some of the electrics, one toilet and the shower are faulty was a downer.

On the upside, we have an apple tree! Didn’t even know it. Delicious crisp green apples ready to be picked.

No internet yet. Lots of tradesmen to call out. Will we get all these basics covered within £1000? I hope so. That’s a lot, but I guess not that much for some peace of mind. Things need to work right and have guarantees. 

I’ve always ‘coded’ my own blog. I don’t want to pay for that. But with a house? Copy pasting code won’t cut it, when I’ve just cracked a pipe and the floors flooding, or the house is full of gas.

Get it done right. Tomorrow we go with the moving can, and start to live there. Crazy. 

Here is a picture of the apple tree in the rain-

And back towards the house, SY at left-

And here’s our lunch, tapas at Camino in Kings Cross, en route to house. Tasty but quite salty/oily-


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