Dad & Ailz visit and DIY

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Today my Dad and Ailz came over with a raft of pictures to hang on our blank walls, including a number of Ailz’ cross-stitch works and a tableau that could include both Abe Lincoln and Robert E. Lee (confederate general), bought in Kentucky. 
Maybe I’ll take pictures in good light tomorrow.

We showed them the house, which is starting to look pretty nice, then went out for lunch at a lovely pub called ‘The Orange Tree’.


Dad, Ailz, me, SY


Chicken soup to start.


Pork belly for main- lush.


An array of paints for dessert. But really, we bought these later.
 We talked about granny and cousins and my sister’s baby blessingway, and of course ate, then went to Homebase and pick up:

– mop, bucket, broom, paint samples, wallpaper stripper, sugar soap, gloves, masks, and loads more. 

I felt like Amo doing a supply run in Yangtze (in my zombie books), imagining myself using a mop to slosh some huge symbol into Trafalgar Square with red paint.

On a zombie note- sales and reads of both books were great yesterday, 15 sales and 6000 page reads, which is high for me. Awesome.

Also, there is a new series set in the Walking Dead universe, called Fear the Walking Dead. I need to check it out. Have you seen it? 

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