Catching fish (reviews)

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Some reviews have started to come in for The Lost- thank you Rob, Pam, Chris, Dom, Katy and Scott- as well as to all those working them up or getting ready to post.

Thank you! Perhaps because of this fast influx, I’ve just heard from the best promo site on my lineup, ENT, that they’re going to run both books on 18 and 19 just as I hoped.


In the world of book promos there is Bookbub (who have not run me yet despite many applications), The Midlist (likewise), then ENT.

Thank you ENT! The book goes free in two days- I’m very hopeful each one will result in 5000+ free downloads, raising visibility, raising the game.

Other news

Today SY and I went to see the new Pixar film ‘Inside Out’, and loved it. It is like Toy Story in many ways, but in my view better, as the original Toy Story never did too much for me.

It explores the life of the mind in a way we may never have seen before, but we can immediately grasp. This is how personalities are made, each linked to a core memory and guided by a key emotion, yes of course!

One day (soon) we will make virtual maps of people’s minds using a system much like this. It’s all programming, and while it’s all incredibly complex- I do believe the movie models the basic simplicity of it very accurately.

The short feature before it- LAVA – was also super sweet and moving. In the faith, hope and sadness it evokes it made me think of The Lost. One reviewer said the book was very sad.

Yes I think so. It is very sad, but I hope not depressing. It’s cathartic sad, is my aim, with spikes of wild joy. 

Here’s some pictures of Enfield town where we went shopping for plates.

Getting my ducks in a row. Are these ducks?


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