Ruins / Haikyo free for 3 days!

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RotRS-icon2I have free stuff for you!
For 3 days starting Thursday 6th Feb to Sat 8th, my Ruins / Haikyo photo book Ruins of the Rising Sun – Adventures in Abandoned Japan will be available for free on Amazon here-

(My deep apologies if anyone gets this message twice.)

As you may know- this book tells the story of my 5 years exploring the abandoned ruins of Japan, with highlights of all the best explorations told through a coming-of-age-ish story, with insight on travel, Japan, and growing up from a truly unique and bizarre perspective, accompanied by 200 of my best ruins photographs.

And it is free! This is a considerable discount from the regular price of $9.99. The reason for this is onefold:
1- I think you’re going to really enjoy it, and I really want you to see it so that you can really enjoy it. I wrote it to be read, so for 5 days only I want to make reading it as barrier-free as I can (of course it is still a kindle ebook, but kindle has free apps for I think all smartphones and tablets, so…).

Now on another point, I’ve been working hard with some editors on my soon-to-be-released fantasy novel- Saint Ignifer’s Rise, to make the book as intriguing, fun, and satisfying as possible. It should be available to buy by the end of Feb.
I can also unveil three possible covers I might use, and really welcome any feedback you have. They are not totally finished, rough-ish, but I’d love to know which you think is best, and why.

1- Face and city

2- Face

3- City

I personally lean towards 2- Face, because though I like 1- Face and city, I worry it’s a bit too busy and not especially striking due to that. Anyway, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Also, I’d like to THANK everyone who offered reviews for the ruins/haikyo book- it’s very good of you. There’s a few more I’m hoping to come in, and maybe if you download the book for free you may be tempted to offer a review as well. Please do! Reviews are lifeblood, whether on amazon, goodreads, your blog, or social media.

To that end here are three places I’d love to get your reviews for Ruins of the Rising Sun – Adventures in Abandoned Japan:

Thanks everyone, I hope you’ll enjoy the haikyo book if you pick it up!


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