Great review of ‘Ruins of the Rising Sun’

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Ruins of the Risng Sun 2Here’s a really great review of my new haikyo book, Ruins of the Rising Sun, on Seba Rashii culture zine. Thanks Seba Rashii!

Quick quotes-

“The stunning image of an abandoned, devoid-of-any-purpose roller coaster is a powerful metaphor for the clear ups and downs described along the way by the author. Any reader already acquainted with Japan will know it is place that doesn’t leave any impression other than the permanent on a person and the haikyo featured in this book are perhaps uniquely Japanese.
With everything from abandoned theme parks to love hotels, soap lands and leftovers from the Great War there is not just a personal story, there is an underlying cultural narrative at play throughout.
“This is the kind of book that couldn’t be written as fiction, it needs to be lived.”

RotRS-icon2Here’s those links again-

You can buy the book here on Amazon US for $9.99.

Or here on Amazon UK for 5 pounds 99.

Or here on Amazon JP for 999 yen.

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