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I knew from the moment I saw him that his beard was full of evil.

My story The Tonsor’s Son is now up on the PodCastle website- an awesome semi-pro zine that makes audio recordings of short stories. The rendering they’ve given to my story- which begins as above, about beards full of evil, is fantastic. When I wrote that the bad guy had a voice like curds comfortably stuck deep in his throat, I never really imagined what it would sound like. Well, reader Steve Anderson obviously has, and the result is pretty amazing.

But what is The Tonsor’s Son? It’s a story about evil, shaving, and the search for the seventh blade, rated R for violence and gore, with a little humor to leaven the dough.

You can listen to the whole thing for free on the PodCastle site here, where you can also subscribe to their podcast, which of course I recommend- as it features some great stories from brilliant authors, folks like Peter S. Beagle and Elizabeth Bear, whose company I am very glad to join.

Again, listen to it here.

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